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Alumni Experiences

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Dominican University of California's Counseling Psychology alumni talk about their experiences in the program: what brought them to Dominican, what they learned in the program, what their fieldwork experience was like, and what they are doing today.




Janet Buder, Class of 2011

Before Dominican: BA in Human Development, Cornell University; MS in Physical Therapy, Stanford University 

Currently: Internship at Mill Valley elementary schools (kindergarten to fifth graders)

Why Dominican? The reputation of Dominican's program in the community



Cynthia Psaila, Class of 2011

Before Dominican: BA in Sociology, University of California, Berkeley

Currently: MFT Intern, Transitioning Families with Dr. Rebecca Bailey Psy 18732

Why Dominican? The diversity of dedicated, talented faculty members




Thomas Schmidt, Class of 2010

Before Dominican: BA in Humanities, Dominican University of California

Currently: Staff Research Associate II, UCSF Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging

Why Dominican? The wide breadth of interesting courses




Anicia Williams, Class of 2007

Before Dominican: BA in Distributed Studies of Psychology and Sociology, University of Colorado Boulder

Currently: LMFT and the Assessment Specialist at Recovery Connections Center

Why Dominican? Personalized attention in the classroom and a small student-to-faculty ratio.

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Tamara Traeder, Class of 2008

Before Dominican:  BA in Economics, University of Missouri; Juris Doctorate, University of Virginia

Currently: Internship at Hospice of Petaluma

Why Dominican? The faculty's professional experience


Debra Bellings 200px


Debra Bellings-Kee

Before Dominican:  BA in English, USC; Juris Doctorate, Southwestern University School of Law

Currently: Self-employed in private practice as a psychotherapist, collaborative divorce coach, custody mediator, and co-parenting counselor

Why Dominican? Dominican provided a comprehensive program which included up-to-date and BBS required courses. Each time the BBS made changes to their requirements, Dominican immediately provided the updated course.



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