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Graduate Student Electronic Journal

As part of the new state guidelines on the teaching of reading, preservice teacher must be familiar with 11 components referred to as the A to Ks.  Graduate students in the Fall 1998 semester chose particular topics to study in depth.  Their papers are part of an electronic journal, linked to the syllabus. 

To read individual papers choose a link from within one of the following A-K categories:

A. Phonemic awareness

B. Systematic explicit phonics

C. Diagnosis of reading deficiencies

D. Spelling

E. Research on how children learn to read

F. Research on how proficient readers read

    How Proficient Readers Read. Nicole Endriss and Tauya Nygren.

G. Structure of the English language

H. Relationships between reading, writing and spelling

I. Planning and delivery of appropriate reading instruction based on assessment and evaluation

J. Means of improving reading comprehension

    Reading Comprehenstion. Sally Westfall, Julie Catton, Mike Casper.

K. Student independent reading of good books and the relationship of that activity to improved reading performance

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