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Sample Courses

With instructors participating from a range of disciplines on a variety of topics, we have a Colloquium course pairing for every student. The following courses are among many that are offered.

Note: These courses are drawn from earlier course offerings and serve as samples of our program. New courses are continuously developed and scheduled.

Environmental Advocacy Through Art: Preserving Wilderness and Challenging Environmental Racism (Service Learning)

Course One: "Environmental Advocacy: From Preservation to Eco-Justice"
Instructor: Laura Stivers
Discipline: Philosophy

Course Two: "See the Forest through the Trees: Environmental Advocacy & Community-Based Art"
Instructor: Lynn Sondag
Discipline: Art

Mount Tamalpais: Past, Present, Future

Course One: "The Meanings of Mount Tamalpais"
Instructor: Neal Wolfe
Discipline: Humanities and Cultural Studies 

Course Two: "The Art of Mount Tamalpais"
Instructor: Leslie Ross
Discipline: Art History

War and Peace

Course One: "War and Peace as Cultural Paradigms"
Instructor: Steven Borish
Discipline: Humanities and Cultural Studies

Course Two: "War and Peace through Image and Idea"
Instructor: Heidi Chretien
Discipline: Art History

Finding The "Beat Within": Youth Advocacy and Creative Expression (Service Learning)

Course One: "Youth Power: Advocacy through Education in Action"
Instructor: Julia van der Ryn
Discipline: Philosophy

Course Two: "Creative Writing: Finding Voice and Empowerment"
Instructor: Judy Halebsky
Discipline: Creative Writing


Course One: "California Golden Dream"
Instructor: Cynthia Taylor
Discipline: History 

Course Two: "Natural History of California"
Instructor: James Cunningham
Discipline: Biology

Narrating Gender

Course One: "Imaging the Gendered Narrative in History"
Instructor: Heidi Chretien
Discipline: Art History

Course Two: "Gender in the Digital Age"
Instructor: Alisa Klinger
Discipline: Women and Gender Studies

The Roots of Health and Healing (Service Learning)

Course One: "Individual Well-Being and Global Health"
Instructor: Lindsey Dean
Discipline: Philosophy

Course Two: "Cultural and Spiritual Dimensions of Health"
Instructor: Emily Wu
Discipline: Religion

Green Literature: Classics of the U.S. Environmental Movement and Writing Green Literature

Course One: "Classics of the U.S. Environmental Movement"
Instructor: Chase Clow
Discipline: Humanities and Cultural Studies

Course Two: "Writing Green Literature"
Instructor: Richard Simon
Discipline: Creative Writing

A History of Disease and Disorders through Art and Science

Course One: "The Healing Art: A History of Medicine through Art"
Instructor: Maureen O’Brien
Discipline: Art History

Course Two: "A History of the Art and Science of Healing"
Instructor: Debbie Daunt
Discipline: Nursing

Inner and Outer Landscapes: The Sociological and Psychological Dimensions of Place (Honors)

Course One: "A Sense of Place"
Instructor: Mairi Pileggi
Discipline: Women & Gender Studies

Course Two: "Psychology of Place"
Instructor: LeeAnn Bartolini
Discipline: Psychology 

Rituals of Belief and Belonging in California

Course One: "Rituals of Magic, Science, and Religion"
Instructor: Jennifer Lucko
Discipline: Humanities and Cultural Studies

Course Two: "Words and Ways: Writings of Rituals, Writing as Ritual"
Instructor: Carlos Rodríguez
Discipline: Literature

Maidens, Matrons, and Muses

Course One: "Women’s Mythmaking"
Instructor: Joan Baranow
Discipline: Literature 

Course Two: "Imaging Maidens, Matrons, and Muses"
Instructor: Heidi Chretien
Discipline: Art History

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