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Expanding minds in an expanding universe.


Watch our BIG short video to learn more about First Year Experience "Big History" at Dominican University of California. 

In Big History, we take an immense voyage through time. We witness the first moments of our universe and the birth of stars and planets; we watch as life forms on earth, grows, and develops in complexity until human consciousness dawns; we then trace the evolution of human cultures through geography, migration patterns, and social structures. We watch the rise of humankind until we finally peer over the threshold of the present into possible futures for us and for our planet.


Engaged Learning

Engaged Learning

First Year Experience "Big History" has a lot of active learning components: taking content that could seem very abstract and making it tangible. We try to keep the factual information relevant, but not weigh the students down with it.


Faculty Collaboration

Faculty Collaboration

Big History is living content. It develops all the time. Faculty get together not only every summer to develop the content; we meet every week to discuss the course, to discuss the content, to discuss new science and new developments. We are living the idea of collective learning, which is one of the main ideas in Big History.


Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

Our aim with First Year Experience "Big History" is to make the courses as interactive and as engaging as possible. It is definitely less about lecturing in the course and more about involving students either in personal reflection or in discussion.

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