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International Business

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International Business is any business activity that occurs between people or organizations from different nations. The international business concentration provides excellent grounding in international business and prepares students for the global challenges facing business leaders. Students will demonstrate understanding of the global context in which most organizations now compete, and have an in-depth knowledge of the political, environmental, and social/cultural features. In addition, students will be competent in a number of professional skills such as conflict resolution, negotiation, team leadership, and personal career management that are normally associated with professionals who already have substantial work experience.

International business students can take advantage of the University's global positioning in the San Francisco Bay Area. Students will have the opportunity to intern in and work with world class businesses on corporate projects in the United States and abroad. The School of Business and Leadership currently has study-abroad and student-exchange agreements with universities in Europe and Asia, and is developing more such educational partnerships.

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Program Features

  • Learn how to conduct business on a global scale.
  • Prepare for professional management roles in companies at home and abroad
  • Prepare for work in both the non-profit and governmental sectors
  • Develop an understanding of the impact of globalization on international business
  • Learn about the cultural dimensions in marketing and the role of interdependency on international finance
  • Developing your cross-cultural communication and leadership skills
  • Become proficient in a second language


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