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Business BA-to-MBA Program (MBA 4+1)

The Barowsky School of Business has a unique and exciting BA-to-MBA Program. This program allows academically gifted business students to complete both the BA and MBA degrees in five years of study.


See the Adult Degree Completion Program section for information on the Bachelor of Arts in Management.


The accelerated format of the Freshman­ to­ MBA Program saves students time and money, and allows them to enter the workforce earlier and better prepares them for higher­ level management positions. Curricula for the two degrees conferred (the BA in Business Administration and the MBA) emphasize the context of modern business, teamwork, hands ­on corporate projects, and business techniques. Students also benefit from interacting with their peers—who come from countries around the world—in culturally diverse class groups.

The BA-to­-MBA Program allows participating students the same undergraduate concentrations, or majors, as other business students. Students will need to take some courses in the summer and will be allowed to take four graduate courses to replace undergraduate courses. Undergraduate students should take Statistics (MATH 2400) to maximize the benefits of the 4+1 Program. When students complete the undergraduate degree requirements, the BA degree will be conferred. Transfer students can complete the program, but the number of semesters required will depend on the number and type of undergraduate units transferred to Dominican University of California. 4+1 students who matriculate into the MBA program in any semester other than Fall, due to MBA course sequencing, may need to attend one additional semester to meet all of the MBA requirements.

Admission to the BA-to­-MBA Program

Admission to the BA-to­-MBA Program is very competitive. Entry into the program is based on a number of factors that indicate a student’s aptitude for high ­level academic activity; among these may be motivation, background and record in quantitative subjects, business experience through internship or employment, and a cumulative grade ­point average of 3.5 or better in all undergraduate coursework. A committee of the Barowsky School of Business faculty will grant final approval for participation in the BA-­to­-MBA Program.

Participants of the BA-­to­-MBA program must submit an MBA application form and its required documentation one semester prior to completion of the BA degree. Students who do not have prior business experience are required to be immersed in a corporate or organizational setting for 450 hours (3 months), normally during the summer preceding their enrollment in the core courses of the MBA Program. This immersion experience should enable them to apply management theories to projects in different functional areas of an organization (i.e., actual business plans/feasibility studies, including the preparation of actual industry studies, marketing plans, and human resource management plans).

Students who fulfill the admissions requirements of the MBA program may matriculate into the MBA program in the semester following completion of the BA degree. BA graduates must matriculate into the MBA program within one year following their undergraduate graduation to retain the waiver for the MBA courses. If students do not retain continuous enrollment from the BA to the MBA program, degree requirements are subject to change as the BA and/or the MBA program curricula are updated.

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