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Student Profiles

Lori Davis

LoriVice President, Green Mary and President, Sanzuma

I enrolled in the Sustainable Practices Certificate because I was concerned about environmental issues and the state of the planet. I was looking for an educational path towards work that contributes to a healthier environment for my children and future generations.

From the internship I did in the Certificate program, I was hired into my dream job. I am responsible for diverting waste at events, that normally generate vast amounts of waste, but events managed by Green Mary are nearly zero waste. In the course of our work, we are also educating attendees about how each of us can reduce our contribution to landfills. I feel that every day I am making an enormous difference by reducing human impact on the environment.

The courses I took at Dominican also opened my eyes to the need for sustainable development to help relieve poverty and ensure a better life for all. I’ve established an organization that takes sustainable practices to other countries and offers economic opportunities to impoverished people. You can learn more about my efforts to bring solar bakeries to developing countries by going to

Bruce Greenstein

BruceFounder, Impact Energy

Over the years, I’ve created several successful enterprises and enjoyed the role of “entrepreneur!” As a licensed general contractor in the building trade industry, I had become very concerned about the devastating environmental impact of construction projects. With the economic downturn, I chose to learn more about issues that I care about, while also entertaining ideas for my next business venture.

Through the Certificate Program, I became aware of the tools needed to transform business practices and learned that being good to the environment can create economic opportunities. My electives included energy audits, building science and green building practices--rounding out my existing knowledge and skills in the construction industry. For my Capstone Project, I started a new business called “Impact Energy” which ensures that homes and businesses maximize their energy efficiency and the overall performance of their buildings.

Other opportunities emerged from relationships developed through the Certificate program.  Through networking, I was invited to help develop a new course at Skyline Community College. I am currently an Assistant Professor and teach energy efficiency and building performance. We launched our first course early this year and our students received high marks on their certification exams.

Needless to say, the Sustainable Practices Certificate helped change my business and how I view the world.

Kimberly Scheibly-Jones

KimberlyOutreach Coordinator, Marin Sanitary Services

I have had a very rewarding and successful career as an RN and Clinical Nurse Specialist for the past 20 years. While volunteering as the Green Team Coordinator at my children’s elementary school, another parent introduced me to the Sustainable Practices Certificate Program and my life was forever changed.

The coursework at Dominican exposed me the fundamentals of Sustainability. The amazing instructors fostered my desire to learn more outside of class. I focused my elective units on waste, recycling, and reuse. Over the summer, I had the opportunity to intern at Strategic Energy Innovations, Inc. (SEI) working to develop green teams at Bay Area Schools. I also completed an internship and capstone project at Marin Sanitary Services (MSS). My coursework, electives, and experiences provided me with the skills to begin a new career in Waste Management. As of February 2011, I am the new Outreach Coordinator at MSS, working to help Commercial customers reach their zero waste goals.

Inspired by the Dominican program, I am working with a group of parents to establish a magnate high school with a focus on environmental leadership and the interconnectedness of systems (environmental, social, and economic). I now serve as the Deputy Director of the Marin School of Environmental Leadership.

Rob Chase

President, NewGen Surgical Inc.

Rob Chase is a native of Marin County and grew up in the Dominican area. He attended Dominican University of California in 1999 and completed an MBA in Strategic Leadership in 2000. He has spent his working career in the Medical Device field working for companies such as Johnson and Johnson, Allergan and others. In 2011 Rob enrolled in the Sustainable Certificate Program with the goals of learning the principles of sustainability and applying this knowledge to the Healthcare and Medical Device Industry. “The Certificate in Sustainability program was a perfect complement to my already completed MBA and gave me knowledge and understanding of sustainability principles and the environmental challenges confronting us as a society. ”

Having completed the Certificate in Sustainability program in 2012 Rob is working to bring sustainability to the healthcare and Medical Device Industry. In March of 2012 Rob started NewGen Surgical a San Rafael based company and developer and manufacturer of surgical products. NewGen’s focus is on designing products that are innovative and high quality, promote clinical efficacy and are designed to reduce waste and the impact on natural resources.

The professors provided thought provoking, relevant, cutting edge information that changed my view of the challenges we face as a society in dealing with sustainability and global warming and the understanding and tools I can use to make a difference. We need to do things on a grand scale, right now in the fields where we have influence and for me this will be the Healthcare / Medical Device Industry

Elizabeth Romanoff

Vice President, Human Resources and Sustainability

I began my career in Human Resources (HR) while attending UC Berkeley. I have worked with small and medium sized businesses, as well as large businesses such as Barnes & Noble Booksellers and Starbucks. I have continued to grow in both the HR and Operations field and have expanded my role to include Sustainability after joining Straus Family Creamery. My passion for sustainability was cultivated while working at SFC and I took a new step in my education to learn more about the principles and frameworks of Sustainability so that I could continue to nurture our sustainability way of doing business. I received my Senior Professional Human Resources (SPHR) certificate and received a Certificate in Sustainable Practices from Dominican University in 2012.

At Straus Family Creamery, I am now the Vice President of Human Resources and Sustainability, where I am very proud of the product we create, I am 100% aligned with the ethics and values of the business. I was happy to be able to use my final capstone project as an opportunity to pursue California Green Business Certification for Straus Family Creamery.

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