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Q: How do I register for the Sustainable Practices Certificate program?

The registration process is very easy. We ask prospective students to fill out a one-page Registration Form and sign our Program Policies and Requirements Form. To speak to us, contact our office at 415-485-3217 or e-mail us at

Q: What will I learn from this program?

A unique feature of this program is that each student has the opportunity to follow the course of study that is most pertinent to them.  After completing the Foundations in Sustainability and Sustainable Practices for Business and Community courses, students will focus on course work designed to meet their needs, interests, or future plans. Examples of available areas of study include: green building, green design, renewable energy, green business, policy and legislation, waste management, environmental education, landscaping, permaculture, sustainable community development, agriculture and more!

Q: What if I don’t know what I am going to do with the Certificate after graduation—is that okay?

Of course. We work with each student to help determine his or her strengths, interests, ambitions and goals then plan out a specialized course of instruction.  The courses, programmatic materials, and certificate staff will help our students determine how to apply the knowledge and skills they gain to future endeavors.

Q: How will this program help me?

Our program is designed to give you both a deep understanding of sustainability issues and practical expertise in the sustainability-related field of your choice. Upon graduation, all participants will have completed a minimum of 40 hours of hands-on sustainability work, and possibly much more. It is our intention that students will use the knowledge and skills gained from this program in their workplaces, communities and homes.

Q: How much does the program cost?

The total program cost is $3900 which includes the two courses at Dominican, the Capstone Project/Internship, an administrative fee for the Electives, and advisement on electives and career direction. Students pay for each portion of the program as they enroll, so that payments are distributed.

The Sustainable Practices Certificate program is on the state of California's Eligible Training Provider List.  If you are working with a California One-Stop Career Center (sponsored by the Workforce Investment Act), you may qualify for financial assistance to complete the Certificate program. If you are currently unemployed and have not yet visited a One-Stop Center, you can find your nearest location by going to:

Q: Does the program require full-time attendance?

This program was designed with busy professionals in mind and it is not a full-time program. With this in mind we have developed a hybrid course, in which the online component is supported by several weekend on campus class sessions. We do strongly suggest that students attend each class session that is held on campus. We acknowledge that many of our program participants are adults with significant career and personal obligations, and so we have adjusted the course and require fewer in class sessions and have strengthened the online component.The Electives and Internship/Capstone portion can be adjusted to each participant’s unique schedule.


In spring of 2014, we will launch an entirely online program. Students may fulfill their electives coursework at either institutions in their local area or online. As in our hybrid course, electives will continue to be chosen with the guidance and support of the professors and staff to ensure that your experience will require the application of your learned sustainable skills and build upon your practical knowledge. The Capstone/Internship is largely independent study so students can manage their schedules accordingly.

Q: How long does the program take to complete?

Each student can complete the Certificate according to his or her own pace. Students have finished as quickly as six months; however, to best synthesize the material while also maintaining momentum, the ideal time for completion is  9 - 12 months.  

Q: Is it possible to use this Certificate towards a degree at Dominican?

You may receive some credit for the two Dominican courses through the Pathways program. Please contact us for more information.

Q: Can I be an enrolled at Dominican as an undergraduate student and take this program for credit towards my BA?

Humanities students now have this option and the two Dominican classes are also now available as electives to undergraduate students. Please speak with your academic advisor at Dominican when considering these courses.     

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