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"My experience at Dominican helped me to organize myself along a committed path of clean energy advocacy. Good things can happen, it just takes a spark." – Sustainable Practices Certificate Graduate

The Sustainable practices certificate

The Sustainable Practices Certificate offers participants the opportunity to create meaningful, enduring change in their workplace, community and personal lives. In addition to learning about important concepts of sustainability, participants gain practical and applicable skills while working closely with businesses, government and non-profits in the Bay Area.

Through this educational certificate program, graduates have transitioned to rewarding careers in sustainability, have taken their businesses to new levels and have discovered innovative ways to contribute to their communities.

No GRE or Prerequisites required.
See Course Schedule and Registration for details.

Who should take this program?

  • Professionals and Business Owners who want to learn sustainability principles to differentiate themselves in the job market
  • Policy makers 
  • Community leaders
  • Activists and advocates
  • Educators and school administrators
  • People seeking a career change to make a positive difference in the environment and beyond

  • Seekers of personal enrichment, looking to become more active in sustainable issues

  • Dominican undergraduate students enrolled in Pathways or Humanities undergraduate programs

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"This course and the networking after helped me find a job I love." Tamela Fish



    Dominican Courses

    "Participating in the Sustainable Practices Certificate Program has been like the Big Bang in terms of exponentially expanding my personal understanding of the breadth and interrelationships surrounding sustainability issues. The program has given me perspectives and tools to be a change agent in my organization, my community and my home."

    Bob Brown, Community Development Director, City of San Rafael

    Participants take two courses specifically developed by experienced professionals in sustainability. These courses include: Foundations in Sustainability and Sustainable Practices for Business & Community.
    These two 8 week courses run consecutively and are completed in one semester. Both classes are a hybrid of online and on campus classes.

    The classes meet on Saturdays. (see "Course Schedule and Registration" for the specific schedule). The Dominican courses fulfill six units of the 15-units required for the certificate.


    Electives provide the opportunity for the student to focus on their interests and develop a specialization.  These electives are offered by local organizations and institutions that regularly conduct workshops, seminars, training and professional development courses in a broad range of topics. Dominican now offer unique electives in entrepreneurship for both businesses and non-profits.

    We work with students to identify areas to develop their skills and knowledge, so that the student has a plan and is able to meet their professional or personal goals.  Examples of areas in which students can specialize include: Green Building/LEED, Energy Efficiency, Wast Management, Education and Capacity Building and Advocacy.

    Students complete six units of electives towards the 15 units total units required for the Certificate.

    Capstone Project or Service-Learning Practicum Internship

    Finally, a capstone project, ensures that students use their acquired knowledge and skills through practical application. Projects or internships allows students to implement what they have learned and get hands-on experience. The three units earned in the project/internship complete the certificate unit requirements.

    Learn more about the Electives, Internship, and the Capstone Project.

    Key Features

    "This course challenged me to critically examine the products I consume and how my decisions influence future generations."
    —Yvonne Roberts, Whistlestop Wheels, San Rafael

    • Affordable and Relatively Quick
      The cost and time commitment to complete this Certificate program is significantly less than would be required to obtain an Associate, Bachelors or Masters degree in Environmental Science/Studies or related field.
    • Practical Learning Opportunity
      As a part of the coursework, students will have the opportunity to complete a capstone project that will allow them to apply their new skills and knowledge to real-world projects, enabling them to make a meaningful contribution to community, the environment as well as to their companies or professions.
    • Diverse Applications
      There are many ways in which this program can provide benefit for participants: employment, current sustainability practices to implement at the workplace, practical skills needed if consulting sustainability,
      self-enrichment, networking, leadership, mentoring, and more.


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