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MBA Core Curriculum

Our 31-unit common core gives you a thorough grounding in accounting, finance, marketing, operations and other business disciplines. Included in the common core, a three-unit strategic management capstone course that integrates all of your previous coursework into a major project.

Also included in the common core, is the Global Consulting Practicum during which you will research the strategic needs and concerns of a major international organization. You will then present your consulting recommendations in person during a 10-day in-country visit.

    Core Courses (31 units)

    MBA 5400 Organizational Behavior and Executive Business Communications 3

    MBA 5401 Accounting for Decision Making 3

    MBA 5402 Marketing for Value Creation 3

    MBA 5403 Global Supply Chain and Sustainable Operations 3

    MBA 5404 Strategic Leadership for Organizational Performance 3

    MBA 5405 Global Business Environment 3

    MBA 5406 Managerial Finance 3

    MBA 5407 Business Analytics and Marketing Research 3

    MBA 5480 Capstone 3

    MBA 5410 Global Consulting Practicum (with International trip) 4

    MBA Global Practicum

    The Global Consulting Practicum is the final course of the MBA program. Student teams serve as consultants to overseas firms and perform global business projects for clients in a given country. The projects include conducting global risk assessments on the country in which the firm is located, and devise strategic solutions and recommendations for clients’ project needs. Students will utilize their advanced business skills acquired and practiced in the MBA program. Following the completion of the Capstone, students travel together on a 10-day international study trip to meet with their clients. Through the planning and completion of the consulting projects, students strengthen their knowledge and insights related to the social, cultural, political, economic, technological, environmental and legal factors that impact achieving competitive advantage and doing business in international markets. The multiple projects will relate to the MBA concentrations in global business, strategic leadership or sustainable enterprise.

    Concentration Units (9 units) 

    An additional 9 units is required to complete a concentration.

    Our core curriculum is complimented by a nine-unit concentration that lets you specialize in global businessstrategic leadership or sustainable enterprise. You can also mix and match courses from all three specializations to create your own general business specialization.

    Dominican MBA Program Student Learning Outcomes

    1. Broad Core of Business Competencies Demonstrate abilities to integrate and apply a broad core of business knowledge.

    2. Critical Thinking and Analytic Decision Making Evaluate and interpret impact of business practices.

    3. Change Leadership and Management Identify, assess and employ leadership and management skills to achieve optimal organizational outcomes.

    4. Socially Responsible, Sustainable, and Ethical Decision­Making Integrate and apply socially responsible sustainable and ethical decision making practices.

    5. Global Business Examine and synthesize economic regulations, technological and social contexts in global organizations.

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