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Dr. Denise Lucy 

Executive Director, Institute for Leadership Studies

School of Business and Leadership


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William Bridges Lecture

Dr.William Bridges is a preeminent authority on organizational change and managing change in the workplace. As former professor, Dr. Bridges was educated at Harvard, Columbia, and Brown, where he received his Ph.D. Bridges (PDF)

History of the Bay Area Organization Development Team (BAODN)

The Bay Area Organization Development Network in partnership with Dominican University of California's Institute for Leadership Studies is pleased to host a celebration and dialog session on leadership and history of BAODN on February 17, 2005. For more information, please click here: BAODN Dialogue (PDF)

Spiritual Integration in Effective Change: Work, Home and in the Community

Formats will be comprised of presentation, dialogue, reflection and interactive sessions. Dialog will include perspectives of those who are not affiliated with traditional religions. Conversations exploring the faith traditions of:

Sufism: April 21, 2005   |  Tamam Kahn, Marin Sufi community

Christianity: October 20, 2005 

    These events are sponsored by the Santa Sabina Center, through a grant from the Marin Community Foundation, and in collaboration with Dominican University of California's Institute for Leadership Studies' Women in Leadership in Faith. For more information: Spiritual Integration Buddhism (PDF) or Spiritual Integration Judaism (PDF)

    International Women's Leadership Forum

    Co-sponsored with Marin Women's Commission and the California Women's Agenda From Uganda, Lydia Bakaki and Honorable Annette Mukabera. Also presenting: Aileen Hernandez, Chair, California Women's Agenda (CAWA); Marti Rule, Chair, Marin Women's Commission; Dr. Denise Lucy, Executive Director, Dominican's Institute for Leadership Studies. August 25, 2005

    Client Centered Consulting Workshop

    Co-sponsored with Bay Area Organization Development Network. Instructor: Dr. Barry Grossman. Two day workshop focused on the strategy and practice of consulting: a professional development program for new and established consultants who want to be purposeful in their approach to leading change consultancy. Learn to get consistent results in situations where you must influence others without formal authority. $395 non- BAODN members, $350 BAODN members & Dominican. September 14/15, 2005

    Client Centered Consulting Workshop.pdf

    Second Annual Community Leadership: Leading Change to Achieve Educational Equity

    Presented in partnership with Marin Education Fund, Book Passage & Marin Community Foundation. Youth Speaks: Empowering Youth Stories through Performance; a talented ensemble of youth leaders, will perform stories of leading community change through dance, music, poetry and dramatic performances. This free event promises to be inspiring and entertaining and is not to be missed. September 30, 2005

    Peter Camejo Lecture

    Leadership for a Sustainable Future: Energy Policies and Green Business Practices. Founder of Progressive Asset Management Inc. a Socially Responsible Investment firm in Oakland. Camejo ran as the Green Party candidate in the California gubernatorial recall election, earning more than 5% of the vote, and was Ralph Nader's running mate in the 2004 national election. October 26, 2005

    Spiritual Integration for Effective Change: At Work, Home and in the Community

    In partnership with host & sponsor Santa Sabina Center: funding by MCF. This workshop is fourth in a series that consider how we incorporate spiritual practices of faith traditions in effecting positive change. Buddhism, Judaism and American Sufism were featured last academic year. This workshop is lead by Betty Padgett, Director of Education & Advocacy at Marin's Ecumenical Association. Betty will lead the group to explore this topic from the perspectives of Christianity. $12 (includes lunch). Space is limited. To reserve a place, call 415-457-7727 or email October 27, 2005

    Louis Freeh Lecture

    Louis Freeh2.jpg

    In partnership with Book Passage & Dominican University Business Association. A free lecture by the former Director of the Fereral Bureau of Investigation and author of his new book My FBIOctober 28, 2005


    Leading Community Change Think Tank

    Co-sponsored with Marin Women's Commission. Community members invited to shape strategic planning for guide commitment that women's leadership effectively impacts systems' change so that women of all ages are empowered, educated and engaged in the community. November 12, 2005

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