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Dr. Franco Vicino

Director, Executive Education & Consulting Services

Institute for Leadership Studies

Barowsky School of Business

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What people are saying about Dominican University's Executive Education.

“The leadership class has given me the tools to make positive personal changes to be the absolute best for the District. As a leader, I am encouraged to raise my standards and be an inspiration for others. It is my goal to be committed to excellence in order to support the District’s Mission Statement and ultimately the customers we serve.” Carmel O’Hara, Payroll Manager Golden Gate District Transit Authority

“Dominican’s Leadership Certificate has had a tremendous, positive impact on one of our key senior managers, both in personal growth as well as the value she brings to the organization. She has initiated a companywide program which will help us do a better job measuring customer profitability, leading to much more focused account management. The investment in the program was well worth it, and we will continue to send people to become better leaders with Dominican’s help.” Russ Columbo, CEO Bank of Marin

“Dominican’s leadership course has taught me to think, act and respond differently to everyone around me. It made me a better leader at work but also at home and as a high school football coach. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone wanting to be a strong and respected leader.” Joe Murphy, Area Manager WBE Inc.

“The Dominican Leadership Certificate course helped me elevate both my thinking and performance as a new manager and team leader at Kaiser Permanente. The presenters were an accomplished group of professionals whose workshops were interactive, stimulating, relevant, and practical. I am grateful for the opportunity to have participated.” Stacey Nelson, PhD, Program Director Kaiser Permanente

“Through ‘The Making of Leaders’ I have challenged my old leadership concept of control, stability, completion and self-centered focus. As a result, I have transformed it into a new reality requiring empowerment, change, collaboration, diversity and focusing on a higher ethical purpose. This course challenges those seeking to take charge to use new strategies that rely on human skills, integrity and teamwork.” Brad D. Simpkins, Vice President Ghilotti Construction Company

“From day one I found myself, both at work and at home, implementing techniques suggested in class discussions, and to my surprise they proved to be working. People are more willing to cooperate and goals are achieved quicker. I have learned that being a leader is a decision one should retake everyday, that it comes with responsibilities and risks, as well as excitement and achievements. But most importantly, I was encouraged to find that Leadership is a skill that can be learned.” Tal Ronnen Oron, Lab Manager The Buck Institute for Research on Aging

“My concept of leadership has changed dramatically after attending ‘The Making of Leaders’ I once thought of leadership as telling people what to do, where to do it and how. I now believe that effective leadership is inspiring people to explore the path of growth and supporting them along the way. I used to think that the end result was the only measure of a team’s success. Now, I know the overall success of the team relies more on the individual members’ sense of efficiancy and value. This course has given me the tools to recognize and foster those individual needs.” Sloane Valentino, Captain Tiburon Fire Department

“The Leadership Certificate‚ was a powerful and‚valuable experience. As a Human Resources Director, and someone always challenged to develop leaders, this was the best. We have since engaged ILS to Customize their approach to address our future challenges. ” Joanne Peterson, Director County of Marin

“The Leadership Certificate Program’ has made a difference for me. I now stop and look for and look at the strategies of what I, and my organization, are planning. It’s my responsibility as a leader to dig into this and not for someone else to decide. The collection of professionals that you lined up to lead the sessions were excellent. Your knowledge and wisdom are inspiring.” Anna Nogueiro, HR Director Nelson Staffing

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