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MSOPs and ESOPs: A Two-Part Series

"Selling In" to Management and Employees

If you cannot “sell out” in this difficult economy, do something even better, “sell in” to your management and employees. This half-day seminar will provide instruction and insights on how to “sell in” to your managers and employees.

Russ Colombo—CEO, Bank of Marin

  • The ESOP vs. 401K as a Reward System and a Motivator
  • A Banker’s Viewpoint on the Importance of Succession Planning
  • Financing a “Leveraged” ESOP

Michael Re—CEO, Swinerton Construction

  • ESOP as a 100% Owner
  • How to Use an ESOP Strategically

Joe Cabral—Former CEO, CF Industries

  • Selling the Company to the Employees
  • Leveraged Buyouts by an ESOP

Dick Buxton—Sr. Managing Director, Private Capital Corporation

  • MSOP & ESOP Fundamentals
  • Management Trusts
  • Unleveraged vs. Leveraged ESOP Models
  • Why ESOPs Fail- What can go wrong?
  • ESOPs and Philanthropy

“Selling Out”—Mergers, Private Equity, Venture Capital, IPOs

You have built a successful business. Now what? A half-day seminar to teach about succession and exit planning by selling to an Outside Buyer.

Joseph Destein—Business Advisory Council Host

  • An Introduction to ‘The Deal Book’:  “A business owner should always have done the homework to position their business for merger or sale, whether it’s actually for sale now, or will be a number of years from now.  Planning for your exit now leads to higher sales price later.”

Dick Buxton—Sr. Managing Director, Private Capital Corp.

  • A Recap of “Succession/Perpetuation” and “Selling In to Management and Employees”
  • Employee Leveraged Buyouts

Vicki Willock—Principal, Willock Partners

  • The Mergers and Acquisitions Climate for Privately Held Companies in the Current Economy
  • How To Use a M&A Advisor to Find a Buyer for Your Company

Eric Menke—Partner, Champlain Capital Partners

  • Identifying and Negotiating With Private Equity Investment Group
  • Strategic Buyers vs. Financial Buyers

Matt Venturi—Managing Partner, Venturi & Company

  • Bringing Together Venture Capital and Strategic Equity Investors
  • Creative “Mezzanine” Financing for Private Companies
  • IPOs for Small and Mid Level Companies

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