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Professional Selling Skills

Whether you’re launching a new product, leading an established business, or are an independent professional looking to build your client base, Dominican’s Sales Skills course will provide you with the research-proven sales skills you need to build lasting, authentic relationships with your customers.

Learn. Apply. Refine.

Dominican’s Sales Skills course is taught in a convenient and effective 2+1 format. For two days, you’ll learn and practice the five core skills of relationship-based sales:

  • empathetic listening 
  • needs-oriented questioning 
  • opportunity identification 
  • trust building 
  • solution framing

You’ll then go back to work to apply those skills with new and existing customers. One month later, you’ll return to the classroom to share your experience with your classmates and instructor and develop strategies for refining your relationship-based sales techniques.

Seeing is believing. And learning.

Dominican’s Sales Skills course is very hands-on. You’ll have multiple opportunities to role-play every technique we cover, and we’ll video each attempt so you can see for yourself how you look and sound to a current or prospective client and refine your presentation until you’re comfortable and confident with each skill.

The techniques taught in our Professional Selling Skills were pioneered by researchers at Yale University more than 50 years ago. Their goal: to identify the performance habits of the world’s most successful salespeople, consultants and business leaders. Since then, Yale’s initial inquiry has been furthered by researchers at Harvard, University of Illinois, and Indiana University. The data now includes more than 5 million responses from more than 4000 companies, and provided the bases for more then 40 PhD dissertations.

Who should attend?

If you are talking to a current or prospective client for any reason, you are building a relationship and defining your brand. Therefore, almost anyone who has client contact can benefit from the sales interaction skills taught in our Professional Selling Skills course, especially: 

  • Sales and customer service representatives 
  • Application engineers, solution architects, and other experts who must explain or troubleshoot a product with an internal or external client 
  • Accountants, lawyers, doctors and other professionals seeking to expand their client bases
  • Entrepreneurs seeking to launch a new product or service 

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