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Dr. Franco Vicino

Director, Executive Education & Consulting Services

Institute for Leadership Studies

Barowsky School of Business

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Performance Coaching

Our coaching course will teach you and your managers the skills you need to truly know your employees and use that knowledge to build trust and enhance performance.

Maximizing the performance of the teams and individuals requires knowledge, trust and commitment to their development. The better you understand the strengths, weaknesses and, most importantly, the personal and professional goals of your staff members, the more you can help them hone their strengths, mitigate their weaknesses, and achieve their goals. The more they see the time and energy you invest in them, the more they themselves will invest in their own development and take responsibility for their own performance. That, in fact, is the central idea behind any kind of coaching: it is the coach’s depth of commitment that inspires effort and accountability on the part of the person begin coached. Our Performance Coaching course will teach you the skills you need to truly know your employees and demonstrate your commitment to them in a way that builds trust and enhances performance.

Learn. Apply. Review.

Our Performance Coaching course uses a 2 + 2 format. You’ll have two back-to-back classroom days during which you’ll participate in lectures and role plays that will let you learn and practice the key concepts of performance coaching. After the first two days, you’ll return to your office with specific assignments that will help you apply the coaching concepts with your direct reports. After a month, you’ll return to the classroom for two more days of debrief, review and refinement. Throughout the program, your role playing exercises will be videotaped so you can critique your own performance.

Coaching skill with proven results.

Our Performance Coaching offers a unique blend of life-coaching and developmental coaching. Life coaching focuses on helping your team members assess their professional skills and career goals and is supported by extensive research in the field of neuropsychology. Developmental coaching focuses on helping your team members to raise the bar of their own performance. This mix of life- and developmental coaching has been proven effective by companies such as AT&T AT&T, NCR, CocaCola, Levi Strauss, and Pfizer.

Who should attend?

This course is for anyone who is accountable for delivering results through the performance of others.

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