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Alice Cochran

Director of Leadershape
Institute for Leadership Studies
Barowsky School of Business


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Leadership Learning Laboratory

Dominican's Leadership Learning Lab (DLLL) offers organizational culture and leadership effectiveness assessment, consulting and coaching services to leaders and their organizations.


Each Spring, Dominican invites executives of organizations to participate in DLLL. It is a leadership developmental project matching organizational leaders interested in improving their leadership behavior with leadership experts and their interns who administer a 360 degree assessment tool: Leadership Impact.

The tool is designed to help understand the impact of your management style on the behavior of others and the means by which you provide leadership. Leadership Impact enables you to compare your ideal impact and self-reported leadership styles with composite feedback from individuals you select. It provides Dominican's executive MBA in Strategic Leadership (MBA-SL) students with a living laboratory for the study of leadership development, plus serves as a community consulting service to organizations throughout the Bay Area. 

Additional Information on DLLL: Dominican Leadership Learning Laboratory (PDF)

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