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Dr. Franco Vicino

Director, Executive Education & Consulting Services

Institute for Leadership Studies

Barowsky School of Business

P: 415.482.2480

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Executive Programs

Our Executive Programs provide experiences that combine active learning and an exchange of ideas. Our instructors bring years of expertise and draw upon participants' backgrounds to achieve growth as an individual and as a professional.

The marketplace rewards the nimble, the quick, the adaptable. Sometimes opportunities arrive for you or your people and it takes a new set of skills to seize them. In those moments, you need something more efficient and more specific than an MBA. Dominican’s practical, research-derived Executive Programs are designed to give you or your team the leadership, sales and managerial skills you need when you need them. We offer the following:

Leadership Certificate

Our 9-session Leadership Certificate helps your most promising team members become effective strategists, communicators and leaders.

Professional Selling Skills 

Our 2+1 Professional Selling Skills course teaches relationship-building listening and questioning techniques that were pioneered at Yale validated by years of research.

Performance Coaching 

Our 2+2 Performance Coaching teaches how to manage teams and individuals by getting them to see the intersections between their vision of their own success and the company’s vision of its success.

If you lead a large team, work in a specialized industry or have business requirements that can only be met by a customized course, all of the above can be tailored to your specialized needs.

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