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Dr. Denise Lucy 

Executive Director, Institute for Leadership Studies

School of Business and Leadership


P: 415.458.3737


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Business Edge Briefings

Hosted by the Institute of Leadership Studies (ILS) of the Barowsky School of Business and in partnership with the North Bay Leadership Council , Business Edge Briefings are a series of panel discussions for business owners and organizational leaders. Cutting-edge business strategies and techniques are discussed to assist domestic and global businesses in igniting innovation, inspiring creativity and ultimately – increasing profits and productivity.

The Business Edge Briefing series also functions to bring successful business professionals to Dominican, sharing their knowledge and experience with students, alumni, faculty and staff and the larger Bay Area community. As our professors strive to bridge academic theory with real world experience and learning, the Business Edge Briefing series provides a consistent tool for strengthening the application of theory in the business world.

In efforts to ensure that the knowledge and skills of the series continues to be accessible, we have begun to record and provide podcasts of the discussions. For those events that occurred prior to implementing podcast recordings, we have archived the past panelists names' and event titles.

For more information, contact Denise Lucy, Executive Director of the Institute for Leadership Studies, at 415-458-3737 or at


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