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Dr. Denise Lucy 

Executive Director, Institute for Leadership Studies

Barowsky School of Business


P: 415.458.3737


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The Dominican Institute for Leadership Studies (ILS) fosters leadership within students, faculty, staff and community members. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate positive individual, organizational and societal change, engaged citizenship, and socially responsible leadership.

Institute for Leadership Studies



ILS Mission

The mission of the Dominican Institute for Leadership Studies (ILS) is to help students, faculty, staff and community members become better leaders. We advance our mission by promoting the study, teaching, and practice of effective, ethical leadership. 

As a center for leadership development on the Dominican campus, we act as a consortium of faculty and students with businesses and community leaders committed to providing leadership development and practice opportunities.

Through leadership education and training, research and consulting services, public forums and community service projects, we serve individuals and organizations both locally and globally, as well as the Dominican University of California community.


Dominican University of California offers undergraduate and graduate degrees that include leadership courses in the curriculum. Among many programs, we offer a Leadership Studies Minor and an MBA with a Strategic Leadership concentration.

The University also offers a number of student leadership activities:



Institute for Leadership Studies offers a number of exciting leadership development programs for working professionals looking to develop and hone their leadership skills


Leadership Author Series

Institute for Leadership Studies has been organizing the critically acclaimed Leadership Author Series since 2003.

Al Gore, Madelaine Albright, Nancy Pelosi, Dave Eggers, Ralph Nader, Marian Wright Edelman, Bill McKibben and Dr. Atul Gawande are just a few of notable public figures who have spoken at our University.

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