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Career Development and Internships

We assist students and alumni in developing effective career planning skills to achieve their career goals and promote lifelong career development. We guide students in self-awareness, career exploration, internship experience, and job search preparation though individual counseling and career programs, and provide avenues of contacts with employers and alumni.

career-eventThroughout our undergraduate and MBA program, Dominican University and the Barowsky School of Business prepare our students for professional success with practical support, skills training and self-assessment tools to ensure that the right career path is determined. Our workshops, clubs, and leadership lecture series are all aimed at not only broadening one's learning, but expanding one's network.

Our practical workshops, lecture series, job search support, internships in a wide variety of fields, yield concrete skill while broadening students' network. Our Business Edge Briefing series, gives a platform to local business owners and organizational leaders, highlights cutting edge business strategies and techniques, bringing real world learning to students and alumni. The series is also an opportunity to expand student and alumni networks.

Internships are strongly encouraged for our undergraduate students. Placement is determined in collaboration with Sharon Morrison, the Director of Internships and Professional Development for Barowsky School of Business, faculty and the student. With the intention of tapping businesses that resonate with students and expand on their learning, placement is also determined through reflection on the student's challenge areas and where growth will be most beneficial. A benefit of our small class sizes is that the faculty know our students, they're strengths and weaknesses, and their goals. Our faculty are committed to maintaining strong ties in the Bay Area business community and have had tremendous success placing students with companies and organizations that work to bridge student learning and real world application.

In addition to the opportunities for outreach throughout your time at Dominican University, the Career Center hosts frequent workshops that focus of specific aspects of getting a job. Whether discussing effective interviewing techniques, reviewing resumes, or salary negotiations, the staff provides helpful and current information that builds upon what students learn in their business courses.

Perhaps our most effective professional development comes in the curriculum taught throughout Business Communications and Exploring the World of Business. These courses provide not only the tools needed in searching for a profession, but the reflection and assessment needed to find a career that resonates with one's life.

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