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Students Win Annual Business Case Competition

The Barowsky School of Business congratulates our team of 4 undergraduate business students who won the First Prize at the 2013 Annual Globe-Without-Borders Global Business Case Competition

sbl-student-prize.jpgFour dedicated undergraduate business students are rewarded for their commitment and hard work, winning first prize at the 2013 Globe-Without-Borders Business Case competition at Savannah State University in Savannah, Georgia. Hosted by the Global Logistics & International Business Education and Research Center, the Business Case competition challenges undergraduate student teams to develop business plans and defend them to a panel of intimidating industry judges of CEOs, top management executives and consultants from IKEA, Georgia Ports Authority, Wal-Mart, United Community Bank, Effingham College and Career Academy, and U.S. Dept of Commerce.

With the 2013 fall semester only just beginning, Professor Rajeev Sooreea recruited four of his dedicated business students: junior Alexis Bailey, and seniors Shane Copeland, Sydney Frazer and Phillip Lampe. Their participation in the business case challenge was one that required weeks of preparation. Forgoing hours of free time, Dr. Sooreea and his team met after class for three weeks analyzing Harvard Business cases. Each meeting meant reading business cases, digesting the material, discussing plans and recommendations, and presenting an assessment to Dr. Sooreea who in turn provided prompting, further discussion, and Alexis, Shane, Sydney, and Phillip would return to revise their plan before again presenting to Dr. Sooreea. Analysis, discussion, plan, presentation, and revision were essential in preparation for September’s competition in Savannah.

Students, professors, and industry leaders arrived in Savannah prepared for a competition designed to create a tense atmosphere mimicking the realistic experience of solving problems in the workplace with tight deadlines and the weight of others’ expectations. Student teams are given only 96 hours to analyze a real world case study and develop a business recommendation. This year’s business case required an analysis of the how Loreal can universalize, providing a premium product in an emerging market.

“The students did an excellent job preparing and delivering a Harvard Business School Case presentation under a tight schedule and responding to questions from the judges,” said professor and faculty adviser Rajeev Sooreea.

The business case competition achieves a wholly real world application and scenario not only by providing real world cases, but also real world challenges. In addition to time constraints, students work with limited information under pressure to solve a problem using simulated business conditions, to formulate workable, action-oriented managerial recommendations. Teams then had 20 minutes to present their case analysis and recommendations, fielding questions from a panel of academic and industry experts. Judges evaluated team plans and presentations on comprehensiveness of analysis, relevance, persuasiveness and overall confidence and clarity of the presentation. 

The Dominican undergraduate team showed their ability to strategize, develop, and articulate a business case plan to international industry leaders. The students’ determination, articulation, and business skill set was recognized. Not only did Alexis Bailey, Shane Copeland, Sydney Frazer and Phillip Lampe receive first place team, but Phillip Lampe was also awarded a certificate of recognition as the Best Presenter Award at the Competition.

 “With their achievement and success, these students have upheld the Barowsky School of Business and the Dominican name high up among business schools,” Dr. Sooreea notes proudly.

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