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Professional Master’s (ALM) in Management, Harvard University


International Business
Globalization: Implications for Business
Microeconomics for Managers
Globalization: Concepts and Effects


Ph.D. in Applied Economics, Western Michigan University
MA in Economics, Leeds University Business School, UK
BA (Honors) in Economics, University of Bombay, India

Taught international business and economics courses including strategies, policies, and emerging markets at Penn State University for seven years. Industry experience in Financial Management at W. K. Kellogg Foundation, Michigan. Worked for VP of Finance and Investments. Research areas encompass entry strategies in emerging markets especially Foreign Direct Investment; knowledge spillovers; stock markets, trade and economic policy; international financial contagion and global imbalances; business of biotechnology.

Recipient of numerous honors and awards including the Dean’s list for Academic Achievement Award, Best Investment Portfolio Analysis Project, and Topper (tie) in Strategic Management from Harvard; Teaching Excellence Award

Four business students won 1st Place in "Global Case Competition GLOBE without Borders," hosted by Savannah State University. One student also won Best Presenter Award (This was in late September 2013)

MBA graduate (Lia Wycoff) and Rajeev Sooreea received Best Case Research Paper Award published by Palgrave Macmillan. 


Published in several journals such as International Journal of Monetary Economics and Finance; Applied Financial Economics; Indian Journal of Economics and Business; Applied Econometrics and International Development. Reviews for journals such as Journal of International Business Research; and International Journal of Business and Emerging Markets.

Mauritius as a Success Story for FDI: What Strategy and Policy Lessons can Emerging Markets Learn?”Journal of International Business Research, Vol. 11, SI(2), 2012

Understanding FDI and Economic Growth in Export-Oriented Economies: A Case Study of Fiji and Mauritius. American Economic Association (AEA/AIEFS) Annual Meetings, San Diego, CA, January 2013

Missing causality links between Foreign Direct Investments, Exports, Domestic Investment and Economic Growth," International of Business and Emerging Markets. (Coauthored with B. S. Bheemul)  (In Press).

Presentation and Published Abstract

Indzimes: Strategy of a Large Biopharmaceutical Company in Emerging Markets, APUGSM International Winter Conference Proceedings, Japan, January 2013. (Presentation & Published abstract)

Bioxsolutions: Entry Strategies of a U.S. Biotech Mini-Multinational in Emerging Markets, APUGSM International Winter Conference Proceedings, Japan, January 2013. (Presentation & Published abstract)

Can Nonprofits Enhance Sustainability at the Base of the Pyramid in Emerging Markets?, International Conference on Business, Economics and Information Technology, Australia, March 2013. (Presentation & Published abstract)

Labcon North America: Internationalization of Green Biotechnology, APUGSM International Winter Conference Proceedings, Japan, January 2013. (Presentation & Published abstract).

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