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Literature offers the full range of the human experience—from Huck Finn’s unsought triumph to King Lear’s self-inflicted tragedy. Through the world of literature, we learn from lives outside our own. At Dominican, students experience the depth and breadth of humanity through pursuing a scholarly degree in Literature, or a Creative Writing Emphasis and learn to create their own worlds.

 Through challenging and supportive small classes with scholars and writers, Dominican students engage with British and American traditions and World literature. This spring, join us in explorations of Toni Morrison, The Literature of Nature, Women’s Mythmaking, Poetry Writing, United States Literature, Asian American Literature, and more. 

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English, BA
American Studies Concentration
Comparative Literature Concentration

English with a Writing Emphasis, BA


Adult Degree Completion

ADC English, BA

ADC English with a Writing Emphasis, BA



    English with a Writing Emphasis

    Comparative Literature

    American Studies


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