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Religion Faculty and Student Retreat

Retreats designed for Religion and Philosophy faculty and students interested in conversations about religion.

WHERE:  St Columbo's, Inverness, CA 

WHEN:  October 1 & 2, 2011

This year's retreat was focused on the topic of Engaged Spirituality.  Assistant Professor of Religion Kerri Kor coordinated many activities and discussions that were fun and enlightening.   We discussed what that meant for us as students, professors, and members of our larger community to live a spiritually engaged life.   Some of us become social justice activists, some become leaders in their spiritual communities, and some are volunteers.  Wherever we are on our journeys...  the path is much more pleasant when we connect with each other from the heart.

We gathered at St Columbo's Saturday afternoon and quickly engaged in learning ways we can live our lives authentically in community.  We enjoyed preparing our meals together, and forming bonds with new friends and reconnecting with the old.   We all loved beading together!  Kerri provided us with a beautiful selection of beads and not only did we create prayer beads, but the giving and receiving of each other's gifts was immeasurable. 

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For more information:   phone 415-458-3734 or e-mail

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