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Studying Political Science or International Studies is exciting, challenging, and extremely practical if you wish to become an engaged citizen knowledgeable and skilled in areas that are in demand in our increasingly globally competitive world. Political Science and International Studies are majors that allow students to explore a variety of interests including, but not limited to, governmental processes, ideology, philosophy, culture, geography, political economy, international relations, human behavior, and decision making.

Political Science

Dominican Students on CBS Channel 5: Exit Poll Research

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Congress to Campus at Dominican

congress_to_campus_duc_logo_2014.jpg Two former members of Congress, Frank Riggs (R-CA) and Brian Baird (D-WA, spent two days on the Dominican campus, meeting with students to share insights and experiences with the goal of encouraging civic literacy and participation among youth. The duo visited Dominican as part of the national Congress to Campus program, created by the United States Association of Former Members of Congress and run in partnership with the Stennis Center for Public Service in order to encourage youth to consider careers in public service.


During the visit Penguin Radio hosted the former members on the air: Penguin Radio - Congress to Campus Podcast

International Studies

A modern liberal arts education is incomplete without some understanding of the international and global nature of human society. International Studies majors can use the major as a means to explore the international and global dimensions of economics, politics, or culture, especially as they relate to a particular geographic area of study.

International Studies Uganda

International studies students learn to develop and articulate their own ideas about the importance of having an international and global perspective in an increasingly multicultural workplace. Students gain an understanding of how cultures differ, as well as the advantages and challenges of cultural diversity.

International Studies Galicia Spain


Political Science and International Studies Provide Marketable Skills

Employers are looking for people who have the ability to analyze statistics, understand democratic institutions and the values they promote, appreciate cultural diversity, are well versed in a variety of global situations, and able to understand the implications of decisions made by both the public and private sectors. Ultimately, a degree in Political Science or International Studies gives you an opportunity to acquire the necessary skills to compete successfully in the job market as well as apply for graduate and professional programs.

We strongly believe that students who begin studying in our department develop an appreciation for a variety of perspectives that provide a foundation that strengthens the entire academic experience. To listen to a student produced radio promo for our Political Science Department click here!

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