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We Are Horses

Aijuana Bifri

To read and to write is to breathe and to live and to eat and to drink

to sustain my life

when the pen and the pad and the life you had are put on stage

and on the mic

I need to read I need to write and over and over

I need to die

so I can find the reason why I live besides

the crib the wife

the child the mic the page I recite the dollar’s might

the dollar’s blight

what point to get with out the light? with out the truth

it won’t be bright

a presence real when worlds are shared the books prepared

the pain they bear

is missing from our favorite shelves

we read to entertain ourselves…

With purpose lost in reading causes dimming lights

no seeing

where we’re going where we came from what we have

as human beings

we have thrown our maps increased the gaps between ourselves

and our paths

and put on masks to alienate each other

it’s the aftermath

of poisons in the media sugar coating what

they feed ya

add the thrill add suspense add whatever

would appeal ya

give a discount give a promo give rewards

give us choices

choose the poison you can choke in hope you don’t die

cuz their purpose

is your high when you’re happy look for dreams

fuck reality

got you fiendin make you bend the rules and testin

your mortality

they say our generation least informed

least educated

mostly used and entertained and playing games

and played like games

because it aint illegal doesn’t mean it

aint lethal

playing gadgets and devices and whatever

be your vice is

the same if not worse way to get you

in a hearse

as a gun or a bomb but don’t run

or call your mom

all you need to do is see who your enemy

could be

in this society of profit over people


majority of our actions pay the rent

or satisfaction

to these standards we abide by we just work

and not try

to strive for more than the interest of the cash

or the business

we’re like horses in a stable running races

we aint able

to see beyond what these blinkers cover vision

we aint thinkers

we run straight and stop for grass and do the work

and never ask

just because you’re eating food doesn’t mean

your life is good

you deserve to run through the valleys with your heard

with your family

galloping and free… and not within the grasp

of a cowboy, who basically thinks he owns your ass

but how will you be free? what do you do?

start by taking off you blinkers, and see what is around you

it’s not just about the grass… stand

feel your heart and your soul. become human again

look the cowboy eye-to-eye and tell him he can’t tame you

step out of the stable, and walk with me

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