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Fellow Traveler

Steve Galiani

Gather round, be present!

Listen to words granted  me

(presumptuous vessel)

by the muse.

The fates weave

and spin us a journey,

this magic epic

called a lifetime:

and when we accept the blessing

we fulfill life’s promise

with every word and deed.

The path may be empty, or crowded;

the trip, a solitary one.

But in some epics

we are granted a partner:

an apparition,

a colleague,

a sidekick,

a cellmate,

an accomplice,

a trouble maker,

a co-pilot,

a co-conspirator;

a counter point,

a counter weight,

a date;

(a friend, a lover, a soul mate)

a persona whose itinerary

             just happens

to converge

with our own.

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