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Contributors' Bios

  • Laurie Reiche

    Laurie Suzanne Lessen-Reiche lives and writes in Petaluma. She is pursuing her BA/MAH here at Dominican University. Her work has been published in numerous magazines including The Princeton Arts Review, Southern Poetry Review, and Kingfisher. She is also a collector of books and has an impressive library including rare and hard to find Women's literature, literary criticism, philosophy, and poetry. She welcomes anyone interested in visiting or borrowing books to contact her by email:

  • Travis Lyons

    Travis Lyons is a Dominican freshman majoring in Writing. One of his finest moments involved a conversation with George Carlin about the proper disposal of feminine hygiene products. He prefers puffy Cheetos to crunchy, but won’t refuse the
    crunchy variety if offered.

  • Jennifer Jensen

    When she's not writing about fairies, goblins, dragons, and vampires, Jennifer Jensen enjoys drawing pictures of said creatures, eating raspberries, and making hideous faces at her loved ones.  She is a Dominican junior majoring in English with a writing emphasis and minoring in studio art with a drawing emphasis. 

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