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Six Word Memoirs

Legend has it that Ernest Hemingway was challenged to write a six word story. His response? “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” These are the now "legendary" Six Word Memoirs of Dominican students.

"You are a lifetime of suffering." Brittany Blake

"Life pushes down.  Get back up."  Jessica Curlett

"Will knit for books and food."  Megan Lynn

"I think that might be illegal."  Brittany Blake

"My work here is done.  Amen."  Nicholas Roy

"Life up, down, and all around."  Shane Graham

"Live life with liberty and happiness."  Avery Jaffe

"Cookie dough in the oven, yum."  Molly Barnes

"Growth and perspective are always key." Kendra Woodglass

"Someday you’ll all work for me." Brittany Blake

"Crazy, terrible, awesome, stressful, busy shenanigan."  Mondrea Vaden

"Dedicated to making a difference everyday."  Rebecca Morgensten

"Passionate.  Challenging.  Curious.  Evolving.  Loving."  Vernisha Tavare

"Stop thinking and enjoy life's beauty."  Joseph Seltzer

"A rollercoaster that has many obstacles."  Damian Jean-Pierre

"Unique, surprising, odd, challenging, and interesting."  Max Northrop

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