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It Happens Everywhere

Mariah McGuire

       When did violence and hate become the norm? I can’t turn on the t.v, listen to the radio or turn a page without hearing about someone getting popped. Pop pop. All it takes is one shot, one stab one burst of anger to end a life. My friends, my classmates did they even see it coming? He wears that red bandana hanging out the back of his pocket with pride. It is his color, his home, his side. But walk down the wrong street and now he’s blue, yeah his brother just got shot right in front of you. And her. She just came out, scared, unsure just trying to be true to herself. She’s called a fag, a dike; told to go take a hike. No acceptance here.  She can’t even walk the halls anymore, they tell her she’s just trying to cover up for being a whore. Seven days later, after her name hits the bathroom walls, she’s found dead in one of the stalls. No outside violence here, just death by her own hand. Now him. See he’s a bit different. He’s quiet and shy, not exactly the type to say hi. He’s awkward in a crowd, but especially by himself.   Give him a number and he can tell the you square root, after all he does walk around in suit. He’s tripped on a daily basis, dungeons and dragons is his only oasis. His skin makes him the target for every Asian slur, he wishes high school was just a blur.   And hey that’s just America, there are so many worse problems outside of the U.S. but what do we care? We just wanna be the best.

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