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Creation Myth

Annabelle Maginnis

     There was nothing.  Emptier and emptier still, chaos made its way between the gaps.  Eventually, chaos spun itself into a figure of all capability.  This figure was It.  It was an androgynous watery conglomerate that grew tired of life alone, and curious about the nature of its own body.  It tugged at its malleable sides and burst, creating a circular globe that It named Earth.  In time, Earth’s water subsided to reveal beautiful masses of land: gently curvaceous and colorful.  As darkness fell, It dreamt of strange two-legged creatures who roamed the Earth and loved one another.  When It woke, the dream figures had materialized.  Humans inhabited Earth.  The humans sensed no difference in gender, race, age, or status, and loved one another despite any apparent distinctions.  They were simply unaware of their variations.  Though the utopia was a beautiful place of unlimited resources, the humans needed nothing but one another.  It grew angry at their ignorance, for this land had been made with It’s own flesh.  It needed something that would make the existing sacred place dazzling in comparison.  It needed disorder.  Subsequently, It set societal rules that men were only to fall in love and experiment sexually with women, and visa versa.  At the same time, all humans were imposed with the need for shelter, food, water, clothing, medicine, and laws.  The first five needs could be found in nature, and laws would create angst among humans, leaving them to seek relief ideally found in nature.  
     Initially, humans had no notion of which laws were necessary.  So It appointed the couple Helena Handbasket and Hal Itosis, as rulers.  They refused to adopt the same last name.  However, they were given the chance to produce all essential elements for survival.  One day, Helena’s stomach grew plump.  Plumper and plumper still, she finally reached her brink, and out popped Snake, Spider, Bat, and Shark, respectively.  With age came experiences, separate experiences.  They grew up, but they mainly grew apart.  When they reached the age of seven, Hal kicked them out of their dwellings.  Snake said he was going to the water, but instead burrowed into the ground, filling large areas with toxic oil.  He funneled and tunneled and left nothing but dangerous trenches in the land.  Slithering to a treetop, he waited to spy on those naive to his traps.  Meanwhile, Spider built other traps: food traps.  She sat around all day, waiting for her meals to be served.  Bat flew to the darkest and dampest of caves, earlier carved by Snake, and brought the horrible moisture to the sky.  These tufts of water whirled around the sky and generated storms.  Afraid of what she had done, Bat flew back to the cave and hung upside down, envious that she had only moved a creation of her brother’s, and not made something herself.   Finally, the timid Shark left the dwelling against his will.  Filled with anxious rage, he swam in swirls of fury creating whirlpools: perilous devices.  He chomped any and all creatures that dared cross his path. 
      Realizing that the Earth’s conditions were only worsening, It appointed two new leaders.  Iwana and Isaiah Truth.  The Truths rarely wrangled, and sought to make ends meet.  They lived off the land and used their resources sparingly, wasting as little as possible.  It figured they were as capable a duo as any to set Earth straight.  When Iwana’s belly ripened, Isaiah was nervous that she might birth four foul creatures, as Helena had.  He had heard of their destruction, and wanted nothing of the sort.  Iwana felt her midway’s skin grow taught, and knew the time was near.  With a colorful burst, Elephant, Praying Mantis, Owl and Whale were born.  Different in size and inclination from the beginning, Isaiah and Iwana told their children they must always work together.  Despite their distinctions, they did.  Each night, the family read stories, ate sparingly from theirwholesome, harvested food, and walked among the few remaining safe places on the Earth.  But the storms grew.  The chaos grew.  From above, It was not convinced there would be change.  So Isaiah and Iwana had no choice but to tell their children, at seven years of age, to take care of one another and venture out.
      First, they came across dangerous divots in the land.  This was a job for elephant.  He trod on almost all of them and cleared paths for the humans.  Because the divots are always reoccurring, the job is perpetual, so the other three left Elephant to his work.  When they returned a month later, Elephant had devised a plan to provide rides for humans.  In turn, the humans kept him company and told him where new divots had arisen.  When the siblings left Elephant, they - the three youngest Truths - came to a desolate old farm.  The recent storms had reduced its once plentiful supplies to shambles.  Praying Mantis decided she would help.  She hunted all harmful pests that were eating the vegetation as soon as it sprouted.  Eventually, she guarded the entire area, until the plants were strong enough to defend themselves.  Then she moved to the next farm.  Owl flew to the heart of the storms and fluttered her tenacious wings.  She worked against the temper of the storms, but couldn’t dull them down completely.  Despite the remaining risk, she taught humans aviation, and brought back a sense of joy to the skies.  But Whale was fearful about entering the water.  She called upon Elephant, Praying Mantis and Owl for help.  As a group, they decided to accompany Whale to the ocean.  Along the way, Elephant’s consistent thud encouraged Praying Mantis to tap along.  Owl whistled a cheerful tune, but Whale was withdrawn.  His brothers and sisters encouraged him to sing, though he warned them of the loudness of his voice.  Swallowing his pride, he belted the most beautiful range of sounds right to the water’s edge.  His three siblings urged that he continue singing once he got in the water, but said they could accompany him no longer, as he was the only one capable of holding his breath long enough to fight the whirlpools.  Whale continued his tunes and brought them to the whirlpools.  With one flap of his tail the hurricanes and whirlpools pacified. 
      Though Snake, Spider, Bat and Shark still bring turbulence to Earth, to this day, Elephant clears paths, Mantis protects gardens, and Owl and Whale sing their tunes.  Perhaps Earth will never be as pure as when It first created it, but its intrinsic grace will always prevail. 

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