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Starry Night

Brittany Blake

The day God created her,
          there was no mold,
                no precedent,
                       no standard.
She was a muse
          created by the artists
and in this golden light
                slipping through the clouds,
he can see the masterpiece she is.

Her eyes are Monet lilies,
                sparkles dancing through the bright blue.

Da Vinci made her mind,
               but Chagall filled it.

Her soul Degas crafted
               to dance in every form of light.

Picasso gave her courage,
               Manet gave her strength.

But her voice,
                as she opens her mouth
                               and breathes his name,
that’s pure Van Gogh,
               swirling with passion and wonder
                            as her mouth curls around
                                            the letters.

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