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From My Mouth to God’s Ear

Aiyana Ross-Beck

From my mouth to god’s ears
     I cry with tears
             Save him, save me
             Save us for a sad world indeed
             A world where a whole is spilt in halves
             And a child cries for his dad

From my mouth to god’s ear 
     I beg in fear 
              That he will not come home
              And the my life as I know will ever exist after he goes
              That I will lose everything 
              From my protective world to are lovely home
              to the only life I know

From my mouth to god’s ear
     I yell at a mirror
             Please give me the strength to carryon while he is gone
             And the courage to believe his words that the time a part will not be long
             Please help me smile and cry no more
             For I have three little ones who will need me for sure
             to be strong and go on

From my mouth to god’s ear
     Make my mind clear
             Let the moments of love and care
             Hold us as close as we dare
             Allow the memories of key times:
             Like the birth of the twin and our son, or even the day we met
             to Stay in the front of our minds 

From my mouth to god’s ear 
     I want to protect you my dear
             Not cry a tear 
          Show you I have no fear
             Keep my mind clear 
          Because you most leave me here
             And walk across the pier
          To be a man of honor, courage and commitment
              A man Non SibiSedPatriae!
A Man of the Navy  

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