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Drew Bollman

미안해 (I’m sorry)
But I need you.
보고싶어 (I miss you)
Please come back.
너무 아파 아파 아파 (It hurts a lot, it hurts, it hurts)
I want to tell you,
But I can’t.

자기야 (honey)
I think about you.
어려워 (It’s hard)
What can I say?
자주 보보하고싶어요 (I want to kiss you often)
But you’re much,
Too far away

힘들다 (It’s difficult)
It always will be.
에뻐요 (You’re beautiful)
I can’t forget.
아직 아주 사랑해요 (I still love you very much)
I can’t be happy,
No, not yet.

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