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Pancakes are Yummy

Galen Small

When you've too much homework,
And the cafeteria food sucks, remember that
You are going to die.

Go to IHOP, or any old place—your favorite.
Try to be seated in a booth,
Where the thicker cushioning breathes like a diaphragm.

When your order arrives,
Forget words like “delicious,” “scrumptious,” and “delectable.”
Try listening with your tongue.

The white-streaking butter refusing to melt
Into already butter-soaked golden fluff
is not “too much.” The same goes
for that runny syrup running amok,
and the disintegrating pillow itself.
It is just enough to be excessive.

You may bring your homework, but
Only to give your butter time to melt.
And never let both hands touch your books.

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