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Love Loves All

Donna Williams

Our love is the strongest.
And it has forced us into this undying relationship.
The disease that ravaged the country
Somehow, it brought us closer.

Becoming a zombie wasn’t exactly the easiest process,
And yet with you,
It was almost as though my heart was still beating.
Like my brain was still thinking,
Like my body was still feeling,
And Like my soul was still living.

It is indeed true that none of this is possible,
But here we are. We are special.
I love your messy hair,
Your moldy teeth,
Your rotting skin.
I ache to hold you with my broken limb.

I’m so nervous,
My heart just might start beating again.
You see, I have prepared this all for you,
These dead bodies lying everywhere,
Top grade meats,
Candy-like intestines, and eye balls, a la carte.

Look inside your dessert, my dear,
A gourmet blood pudding only for thee.
Is that there, a shiny ring?
Fitted with a cavity-encrusted tooth?
Yes, my love. It’s true.
I love you.
Will you marry me?

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