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El Salvador

Jordan Villasenor

A foreign land that I was unfamiliar with,

Full of green lush and the smell of diesel.

Trucks driving swiftly carrying bundles of plantains

Nothing was the same.

The immediate feeling that I was back in Tepatitlan filled my heart

Although through time I could see that my new journey was going to start.

Things became more clear, and I could see in what direction my life was going to steer,

Although confusion still filled my mind.

Children running and screaming “Gringos! Gringos!”

A site so stunning.

Excitement filled the air

These children knew nothing of the word fair.

Revolutionary thoughts running wild through my mind

“We are here to fight the system, the system of oppression!”

This I knew would soon be a lesson,

Not just for we the foreigners but for those of the land.

Sweat, love, and passion circulated

As we constructed the school these feelings I anticipated.

Growth began within us all, we the foreigners and those of the land,

For this experience that we grasped never left our hand.

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