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Jessica Curlett
Because I'm a nice person

It's what I do,

but you,

look at this as boring

or unrewarding

and turn your back faster

than I can think to be forward.

To be forward with you is pointless;

I've lost interest.

I say what I feel

and leave it out there

for the world to take as they wish.

And one day you'll turn around

'cause that back has gotten colder,

and you are older,

and for a second you could feel it again.

But she's already forward;

and although she'll never

turn her back on you,

she's see-through.

Ready and willing

to help the boring masses

that may need her.

Because they see her.

And when your

heart and back unfreeze

and you turn around

to catch someone falling

not just for your own needs,

she will be there

because she's a nice person.

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