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Tongue Twisting Word Listing

Alex Ward

I’m Tall like Bunyan, Pierce, and Gasol,
I’m white like Wall, but my names not Paul, 
unfortunate fortune tellers break their crystal ball,
Peter Piper picked a patch, cabbage patch doll,

wicked wizardry words slippery like lotion,
baa baa black sheep contain your emotion,
I’m a little tea pot brewing up a potion
with the witch of the west, Pacific like the ocean,

Absorbent like sponge, not Bob, I mean porous,
never change a thing, repeating like chorus,
I mimic through life bullshitin like Taurus,
A woodchuck would chuck, who chuck? Norris,

Itsy bitsy spider, yellow like the polkadot bikini
green eggs and ham, green vegetable, zucchini,
bone, list, and well, three wishes like a genie,
hocus pocus, focus, I disappear like Houdini.

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