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Let Us Pray

Jessica Curlett

They say

That the good Lord

Will see you through

So just listen dude

Because there are some times

Where, regardless

Of the position of the body

The soul is on its knees in prayer.

And I heard that somewhere

Exactly where I can’t recall

But it sure does pick me up

When I’m ready to fall.

And we all say we listen for the call

But are ears aren’t really open

Just like that quote says

The soul knows better than the body

And I always wonder why we

Let the skin rule our willing spirit

To do good and help one another

Because I know your mother

Taught you better than that

But instant gratification

Leads to separation

Of soul and skin

And often times

Sadly enough we give in

But I say “Satin get behind me”

Cause I no longer follow blindly

Whatever I hear

To the cliff of fear

And let worry and trouble

Nearly push me off the edge

I’m smart enough now

To keep a thick wedge

Between myself

And that Devil in Georgia

Who gets around quicker

Than one might think

And just when one’s faith

Is on the brink

He likes to appear in disguise

Covered in the guise

Of whatever he can get

His hands on.

But be strong

And call out

“Satan be gone”

Fit your body

To your soul’s intent

And thank your Father

For not having fallen yet.

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