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Compassion Prisoner

Jessica Curlett

I wish I could tell you

What’s on my mind,

But I’m not even sure.

When I figure it out

I’ll let you know

But I doubt you’ll even be there to listen


If that is all I ask for.

A moment of your time

A second of your life

A minute of compassion

That use to be so great

I couldn’t escape it.

But now look at it,

Withered and in pain

Trapped in a cage

Where you put it

Begging for food and water

Of how it got here.

Oh it’s existing,

But just surviving.

It’s not living,

It’s closer to dying

And even still

You won’t give

One minute,

One second,

one instant of your time

to heal it;

make it better

with just one reassurance

that this won’t last forever.

But even right now

You’re not listening,

You’re present

But you might as well

Be effervescent

For how real you are

Whenever you come around.

And I use to love that sound

Of your voice

But I barely remember it

Because compassion prisoners

Don’t get the convenience

Of music for their souls.

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