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Feel No More

Natalie Padilla

I can feel the prickle of the grass

And the cold, desolate ground beneath me

My body is weak as I struggle to wake

For I feel your presence surround me


A blade of grass comes into view

I tilt my head towards the blazing sky

Where the clouds cradle me with warmth

And your face is hidden from sight


My body rises slowly from the Earth

Weightless, I want to reach out for you

Your name tastes sweet across my lips

But sound seems not to exist here


Numbness takes effect while I stand

Something is changing within me, without

My memory is fading, your face is lost on me

A flashback of us hits, but last to go, it rips


My eyes gazed down on a familiar girl

She reminded me of the me before

She had my face, she had my smile

But I could not feel her anymore


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