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What can I do with this degree?

With broad-based training and refined analytical, research and communications skills you will be prepared to create a successful life in a variety of professions, some requiring additional education, from college professor or cardiologist to computer analyst, lawyer, small business owner, or social service agency administrator and beyond.

Humanities Degrees Held by Highly Successful People

Some of today's most highly respected business, political, and cultural leaders hold degrees in a humanities discipline. Check out the section on Power, Ambition and Glory on the Forbes Magazine web site for interesting interviews with some of these leaders.

Humanities Degrees Valued by Graduate Business Programs

Stanford's Graduate School of Business has one of the most highly ranked and selective MBA programs in the country. Here is their undergrad major profile for their current class:
Humanities/Social Sciences  47%
Engineering/Mathematics/Natural Sciences  36%
Business  17%

Occupations recently reported by Dominican Humanities Alumni

Please know that some of these occupations require additional education training, such as master's degrees, law school, or med school.

  • Lawyer
  • County Social Service Program Director
  • Federal Law Enforcement Agent
  • High School College Counselor 
  • Professor of Art History
  • Professor of History
  • High School Teacher
  • Elementary School Teacher
  • Executive Director of Nonprofit Agency
  • Computer Analyst
  • Historian
  • Archivist
  • Editor, Education Publishing Company
  • Tutoring Company Owner
  • Art Gallery Owner
  • Publishing Consultant
  • Newspaper Columnist
  • Published Author on Environmental Policy
  • Artist
  • Community Organizer
  • Director of College Service-Learning Programs
  • Para-educator
  • Sustainability Education Facilitator
  • Librarian
  • Singer/Songwriter
  • Wedding and Event Planner -- Company Owner
  • Creativity Consultant and Coach
  • Small Business Owner

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