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Senior Project Information and Forms

One of the signature capstone experiences of Humanities and Cultural Studies major is the completion of a Senior Project, which is typically undertaken in the senior year and extends over two semesters.

What it Is

The research project can take myriad forms, from a traditional research paper of approximately 25 pages to a ten minute documentary film or a community-development project plan. The topic is guided by a studen'ts passion and the final project reflects his or her critical thinking and communication skills. We encourage students to view the Senior Project as both a culmination of their degree AND a stepping stone into their future.

How it Works

Students take the Senior Project Workshop for two consecutive semesters (HUM 4920 and HUM 4921). Concurrently, they enroll in the Senior Project (HUM 4910 and HUM 4911). As part of the workshop, students identify a research topic and a "reader," a faculty mentor who will guide their project and assess its quality when it is completed.


Forms included in the Senior Project Workshop Handbook (saved as MS Word documents):

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