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Evening Program Requirements

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The major is comprised of three parts: foundational humanities courses, a concentration track, and capstone courses. See course descriptions.

Foundational Courses

All together, these courses provide breadth in the humanities. Students take one 3-unit course in each of  the following areas:

  • Art History (global or broad time period)
  • History (global and broad time period)
  • Philosophy (there are five preapproved courses to choose from)
  • Literature (any upper division literary analysis course)
  • Language (any college level course)

Electives in the Major

12 units of humanities and cultural studies elective courses.

    Capstone Courses

    Students take the following courses in their junior and senior year.

    • Internship (arranged through Career and Internship Services for academic credit)
    • Humanities Seminar I (seminal texts of the Western world)
    • Humanities Seminar II (seminal texts of the non-Western world)
    • Senior Project and Workshop (a two-semester process)

    Sustainable Practices

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