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Mairi Pileggi, Ph.D.


Mairi I. Pileggi
Director, Gender Studies Program
Assistant Professor, Communication and Media Studies

Degree:  Ph.D. Temple University, 1998

Research Interests

My interests center on social justice, social change & civic engagement.  Although my research has explored cultural analysis through media, I currently focus on food systems and on the environment, drawing from the disciplines of sociology, communication & cultural studies.  The work of Pierre Bourdieu has been an inspiration for my thinking, and feminism has guided my practice.

Courses Taught

  • Cultural Ecology
  • Feminism and Ecology (service-learning)
  • Indigenous Ecological Perspectives
  • Introduction to Women and Gender Studies
  • Development of Gender Concepts and Needs
  • The Gendered Body (CHC:  Lead)
  • Holistic Health and Healing (CHC)
  • Women of Mystery and Romance (CHC:  Lead)
  • Gender and Narrative:  Feminist Oral History (CHC:  Lead)
  • Gender and Media (Graduate Humanities)
  • Women & Film
  • Gender and Communication
  • Beginning Journalism
  • News Writing and Reporting
  • Research Methods in Communications
  • Legal and Ethical Issues in Journalism
  • Editing
  • Developmental Writing
  • The Scholar in History (Honors)
  • Big History:  From the Big Bang to the Present
  • Sex and Gender through the lens of Big History
  • Renaissance:  Exploration and Innovation

Selected Presentations & Publications

  • Pileggi, M.,  Carson, R. & King, N. “ The Tomales Bay Watershed Council:  A model for collective action.  Forthcoming in Restoring and Sustaining Lands: Coordinating Science, Politics, and Action. Karl, H., Flaxman, M, Vargas-Moreno,J.C. and Scarlet, P.L. (Eds). New York:  Springer .
  • Pileggi, M. & Van der Ryn, J.  "Connecting to the Future Through Transformative Action:  Co-creating Engaged Learning Environments Through Integrative, Interdisciplinary Inquiry. "   AAC&U Conference. San Francisco, CA.  January 2011.
  • Pileggi, M. “'Made in Marin':  Constructing taste, shaping a place of consumption."   National Communication Association Conference.  San Francisco, CA.  November 2010.
  • Pileggi, M.  Women's and Gender Studies at Liberal Arts Colleges Roundtable.  National Women's Studies Association. Denver, CO.  November 2010.
  • “Community Listening Project.”  Women’s Health Leadership Conference, Sacramento, CA,  February 2008
  • “Reconfiguring Knowledge, Action, and Power Relations:”  International Communication Association, San Francisco, CA.  May 2007.
  • Stewart, C. &  Pileggi M. (2007).  “Conceptualizing community:  Implications for policymaking in a cyberage” in L. Fuller (Ed.) Community Media:  An international perspective.
  • Pileggi, M., Stewart, C. and Gil-Egui, G.  (2006). “Constituting women’s subjectivity in cyberspace”. Electronic Journal of Communication, 15 (3-4).
  • Pileggi, M. & Patton, C.  (2003). “Introduction: Pierre Bourdieu and Cultural Studies.”. Cultural Studies, 17 (3-4) 313-325.
  • Pileggi M. & Patton, C. (2003) Guest Editors Double Issue on Pierre Bourdieu.  Cultural Studies.
  • Pileggi, M., Grabe, M., Holderman, L., & deMontigny, M.  (2000).  “Business as usual:  The American Dream in Hollywood business films” Mass Communication & Society, 207-228
  • Pileggi, M. (1998).  “No sex, no drugs, just hardcore rock:  Using Bourdieu to understand straight-edge kids and their practices.” (Dissertation.)

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