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Why Study Humanities?

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The evening Humanities and Cultural Studies major offers adult learners admitted into the Adult Degree Completion (ADC) program the opportunity to study the meaning of the human condition through interdisciplinary and multi-discipline course work at a time and pace that better matches their work schedule. The course of study brings together such disciplines as art, art history, history, literature, music, philosophy, and religion to help the student examine the fundamental questions that have shaped the human community. This program requires a concentration in a particular area (options listed below), allowing for depth of study and better preparation for a postgraduate degree. Competence in critical analysis, written and spoken discourse, character formation and a love of learning are hallmarks of a student completing this major.

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Why Humanities and Cultural Studies?

Choose this major if

  • you have any number of transferable units or you have never been to college
  • you want the greatest flexibility in designing your own course of study
  • you have many interests and like the idea of a broad course of study
  • you like to investigate the essential nature of human beings and our myriad and diverse creative expressions
  • you enjoy discussing the meaning of life and see the applicability to your daily working life
  • you enjoy learning about other cultures and see the relevance of such knowledge in our globalized world
  • you want to take advantage of our internship and service-learning opportunities and transition into a new career
  • you want to undertake a culminating project that not only reflects the skills and knowledge you've acquired but propels you toward your next step in life



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