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Martin Anderson

Dr. Anderson earned his BA from University of California, Berkeley, his MA from San Francisco State University, his JD from Hastings College of the Law, and his PhD in History from Stanford University. He has taught in the History and the Graduate Humanities programs at Dominican for several years and currently serves as the Director of Graduate Humanities.

Martin AndersonAssociate Professor
Associate Dean of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
p: 415-485-3237



JD Hastings College of the Law
PhD Stanford University

Undergraduate Courses

  • History 1015/3015 African History and Culture
  • History 3000 History of the Western World
  • History 3010 Middle East: Star, Cross, and Crescent
  • History 3020  20th Century: A Global Perspective
  • History 3126 Biographical Approach to History– Lawrence of Arabia
  • History 3349 Versailles to Waterloo: Europe, 1660-1815
  • History 3351 Historical Roots of U.S. Law
  • History 3410 19th Century Europe
  • History 3420 20th Century Europe
  • History 3470 Imperialism and Colonization
  • History 3840 India and Southeast Asia
  • History 3911 The Historian's Craft


Graduate Seminars

  • Humanities 5301 Gender through History
  • Humanities 5306 Women, Gender, and Empire in the 19th Century
  • Humanities 5307 Pleasures of the Imagination: The Historical Context of Historical  Novels
  • Humanities 5309 Biography as History

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