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Cinema Studies


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Lights, cameras, action!


Cinema Studies at Dominican is where the visual and aural meet in expressive student productions that help launch our graduates in professional careers in documentary and entertainment media. With a strong base in the general study of communications that includes writing and rhetoric, Cinema Studies students build on these skills with lower- and upper-level classes and coursework in theory and history of cinema, writing for documentary and fictional video productions, lighting and shooting, editing, special effects, and the business of cinema production.

DU Cinema study is enriched with studio classes where the creative production processes are owned fully by our undergraduate student filmmakers. Students conceive, write, storyboard, schedule, cast, direct, shoot, edit, and screen their products in special screening events held for a campus audience. They also learn to package their product and to prepare a publicity program around their premiere screening events.

To quote Donne, “No man is an island.” DU Cinema students learn how to navigate the sometimes rough waters of the complex collaborations of student film production. Our majors gain important life experiences serving as both effective team members as well as team leaders. They gain valuable experience in how to motivate and inspire volunteer actors — those who come from within the program, other departments on campus, or the community at large. Students practice these leadership and team skills by working with both cast and crew, and they learn how to coordinate the best efforts of many to arrive at the premiere on budget…and on deadline!

Life on campus for the Cinema Studies major is enriched by a Film Club, special screenings of movies, presentations by well-known industry leaders, artists and technicians, and by affiliation with local film festivals such as the Mill Valley Film Festival and the Latino Film Festival.

The Cinema Studies program at DU, with its strong liberal arts base, prepares students for further graduate level study at institutions of higher learning or for employment in entertainment or news media, corporate production departments, advertising agencies, public relations firms, TV stations, production and post-production houses, among others.

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