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Arts Management Minor

Dominican's Minor in Arts Management is a cross-­disciplinary program that combines selected courses in the arts fields with selected courses in business to offer training for students interested in merging their studies in the arts fields with specific career-­related training in business and management

The Arts Management Minor accords with the University goals of connecting the liberal arts and professional programs by the integration of theory and practice. Students with an emphasis in Arts Management pursue their major interests in the creative arts or other fields while developing their skills in specific career related arenas, such as art gallery and museum management, exhibition and display techniques, budget management and basic accounting, leadership, strategic planning, fundraising, and so on.

Program Requirements  | 2014 - 2016 Undergraduate Catalog (PDF)

Student Learning Outcomes

The student will demonstrate:

1. An understanding of basic business and management skills applicable to the general needs of arts organizations.

2. An understanding of the general history of the significant role of the arts in a diverse range of cultures.

3. The knowledge, skills, and confidence to pursue, support, and/or direct creative endeavors.

4. The application of theory to practice via internship experience.


Course Descriptions

Note: This program includes course requirements from more than one discipline. For complete course descriptions for this minor, refer to each discipline within the Academic Catalog

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